No “ghosts” at 23 and 12?

If the proclamation of the socialist nature of the Revolution was almost reckless in Cuba in April 1961, provoked by a cold war that was only calculated, it is not easy to accept this proclamation 62 years later.

In this year 2023, in the face of so many failures of various origins and natures, including the oldest and most bitter political obsessions, we need to proclaim the renewing, correcting, regenerating and transforming ability of Cuban socialism.

Now we can better appreciate the magnitude of that lightning victory of the Cuban people over the mercenary attack that followed the proclamation of the socialist character of the Revolution, and at the same time we can clearly understand that Chiron was nothing less than an outstanding leader. about an invasion that did not end, and about a more powerful and decisive victory, which we still owe to ourselves.

We have never had a military aggression of this magnitude again, although it would be immature not to notice that this is what has actually changed, as well as the form and even the content of the attacks. Since then, imperialism has preferred a symbolic rather than an actual defeat in its confrontation with Cuba.

The numerous and extensive bombardments that followed the physical and very well focused days of those glorious days became a target for their eyes, and with weapons and tactics of various calibers, including modern information communications, the systematic wearing down of the ideal that was proclaimed in this demonstration is the apotheosis

With the strategy described above, as methodical as it is persistent, they hope to achieve their most humiliating victory: one in which we Cubans land against ourselves. The events of July 11, 2021 clearly confirm this.

Just as the forms of attack have changed – without abandoning the mendacity and deception of their methods and insignia – and even the means to do so, the Cuban people must prepare to face him with the same dignity, because 62 years later we could not do that -or, to achieve without the strength, desire and hope of that first April 16th.

It is worth repeating that only the enormous mysticism that the revolution awakened in stormy weather did the miracle of this recognition. The early work of revolutionary justice, which took centuries of struggle into historical seconds, stimulated the radical thought of the most prominent representatives of the leadership, especially Fidel, to win popularity among the people. Socialism embodied the idea of ​​goodness of the Cuban apostle, the most important referent of the national political ideal.

The revolution, led by the Centennial Generation of José Martí, took its most radical step, calling socialism the path of national social, moral, political and economic reconstruction. With the above, he committed heresy, presenting it as a project in the Western world, down the throat of the leader of world capitalism.

For Martiana, by this risky and unexpected step, the Revolution went to the root, and not to the extremes, as their opponents like to belittle this gesture. The same is expected in our time, when so many threats hang over the final victory of this socialism, which cannot be less than the freedom and delayed well-being of the Cuban people.

Only with a deep update, which is already clearly raised from the 6th. Congress of the Communist Party, and now led by the followers of the historical leadership, we will be able to overcome idealism, clumsiness, serious mistakes and paralyzing failures.

If the old and beagle global capitalism does this, then how can historically emerging socialism not do it, which among its main problems – Fidel himself admits – considers that someone knows how to build it, with subsequent distorted copies.

In December 2010, before the National Assembly of People’s Power, already in the midst of efforts to “change everything that needs to be changed in our socialism” – not without setbacks and still strong resistance – Raul Castro, his very strong supporter, highlighted historical lesson that the construction of socialism must be carried out in accordance with the characteristics of each country. Then I insisted that we do not plan to copy from anyone else, because a lot of problems led us to this and because, in addition, we often copy badly …

Raul himself did not hesitate to warn that isolation, incompetence and excesses have put us on the edge of an abyss, from which, as we feel every day, it will be very long and expensive for us to get out.

The main foundations for solving the structural problems of our model of socialism are even quite developed: the economic and social guidelines of the party and the revolution, a new understanding of this model, as well as a custom-made Constitution, followed by legislative activity, unprecedented and far-reaching, opening the horizon for the reconstruction of institutionality and constitutionality.

One of the hidden dangers is the apparent distance between the proposed changing design and how it is eroded into the foundations of society, when it should take on more body. As both President of the Republic Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermudez and Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz have warned in numerous forums, sometimes it seems that you are in front of “adoption” of provisions and measures that are not able to push changes, and more importantly, decisions many accumulated problems.

At such decisive moments as this, we must, more than ever, adhere to Fidel’s views on political teachings, which have always placed time as the central category of change. In an interview with rebellious youth The Reverend Miriam Ophelia Ortega Suarez recalled that the historic leader of the Revolution “listened, tried to understand and did quick, amazing and unique actions.” The one on April 16 was one of them.

With the same arrest, we must rise up against everything that interferes with the revolutionary will to change Cuban socialism. This is the best way to scare away the ghosts that live on the historic corner of 23 and 12.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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