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WITH With the establishment of a new National Assembly and a government team that builds on the experience of recent years, the nation is about to enter a truly decisive phase.

Various polls that have been circulating on social media have asked questions about the final balance sheet of the government and in particular President Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermudez during his first term.

On the critical side, the answers gave a negative solution and pointed to the material and managerial crisis of the economy, power outages, inflation, the migration exodus with its heavy impact on all spheres of society and family life, together with the spread of capitalist spirituality to the level of the social base, which threatens the values ​​of the political culture of a country based on socialism.

As is often the case, the most extreme sentences did not mention aggression on the part of the United States, which during the pandemic, they were called to shelter without the slightest hint of mercy.

From this point of view, Donald Trump’s militant policies, continued by Joe Biden, are more like a pale illusion of a storm in a blue summer sky.

Perhaps for this reason, the greatest merit of this ongoing administration is that it weathered all possible storms and reached April 19, 2023, despite a number of predictions and intentions, with majority support expressed in at least three popular plebiscites that followed: a referendum on the Family Code, the election of delegates from districts and a vote to elect deputies of the current parliament.

At the same time, one cannot but take into account that the Government faces a very difficult, complex and responsible task.

Slowing down inflation and its worrisome consequences will undoubtedly be one of the most difficult domestic tests due to what it implies as a political and social phenomenon, and also because of the range of actions and sectors that need to be coordinated in order to gradually stop this engine of the economy. . death.

On the other hand, this spiral of crazy prices becomes a kind of symbol in which the Gordian knots are synthesized, which the country has tried to untie with the help of various strategies and programs.

The last of these, known as the “Guidelines for the Economic and Social Policy of the Party and the Revolution,” had the merit of being agreed upon at the popular level.

With this level of approval and the country’s development programs based on them, it would be very counterproductive if the need for survival ended up holding them back and even pushing them away, as has happened with other similar plans.

Specialists and researchers in various disciplines have repeatedly pointed out the need to prioritize food production and domestic consumption, industries that, paradoxically, demonstrate a lower level of capitalization compared to other industries, despite the fact that they can have an impact on economic and social stabilization.

Other ideas and directions could be mentioned, but another important point is how management is formed.

All possible plans and emulations can be performed; but sometimes such results are achieved without the motivation of the base, without the enthusiasm of the population and without achieving an emotional change that puts an end to inertia and discouragement.

To achieve this combination of material and spiritual success will require a very strong managerial exercise that, with dexterity and without improvisation, will push for good and reduce the kinks that exist or appear in all structures, many times against the essence of the matter. position of the country’s top leadership.

Or, in the jargon of music education teachers, you need the pulse and ear of a symphony teacher who knows how to point the melody at the right moment so that it can be played without the disharmony that no one wants to feel. .

This is the job of the tightrope walker; but not any, but only the one that is intended for great artists. Like Mozart in his symphonies. Like our immortal Leo Brouwer in his orchestra and guitar recitals.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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