Dialogue with Cervantes

No one has 100% proof of what Cervantes said, because nothing more archaic than the tape recorder was invented in his day. From him, as from so many, there are written words, and these, as you know, are usually well chosen before being put on paper.

The tape recorder was a later creation, but many hypotheses can be put forward about the language of a man who was bypassed by the attention of famous colleagues of his time, who was several times in debt and branded under the dark suspicion of murder. A man who was, in the manner of the time, a tax collector and even a supply agent for the Invincible Armada, a soldier who in Lepanto became the most famous “one-armed” in the world … who healed scattered people and in short, in addition to feathers, he was also and armed man.

Of this figure it is needless to explain that misunderstood as a writer in his day even dictionaries – which, I say, will be summaries of good languages ​​- report that he was a disillusioned and unhappy husband in his house which he shared. with several women from the family, including his beautiful wife, younger and richer than his troubled spouse. What today we would call a social case or a vulnerable core, so that everyone can imagine what words the illustrious don Miguel would have used in his moments of several tickling.

Note that I only write “imagine” because, since we do not have conclusive knowledge, his memory remains calm … in one place in La Mancha.

So, until we find an impossible cassette – not to mention a DVD, a simple USB or a removable drive, like the few teeth he has left – with “bad words” that his many enemies would inspire him, and The Academy “excommunicates” him”, this writer will continue, thanks to his work, the sacred mirror of his language, which is now fluently spoken by almost 500 million people, far beyond his native Alcalá de Henares. It is a pity that every day several million kids throw stones at the mirror.

The language is becoming rare, even faster than the atmosphere. Actually, a hole that allows “bad lightning to hit you!” there is much more Spanish than the one that forces us to watch the ozone layer day by day, the fragile veil that “cancels” the ecological evil of ultraviolet rays.

Few people seem to notice that every war, like every act of love, begins with a word. Word for word – I know there are Cuban scholars who say otherwise – a universal vernacular dictionary from r to s is being created, capable of raising the most badass villains Don Quixote has faced. And language can be, on the one hand, a cultural force; while, on the other hand, a crazy and deadly virus.

Greenpeace staff are certainly unaware of the extent to which predatory kindness nouns, cruel terms, “genetically modified” sentences, emotion-infecting interjections, disgusting phrases, each of which is responsible for the continued disappearance of words and non-verbal expressions that were, in almost all Spanish-speaking cities, grandparents’ valuable treasures.

In Cuba, what to say… We have a paradox worthy of an Academy congress: we have established, taken upon ourselves and undertook the project of love, we support it day by day against the waves of the seven seas; but we do not give him all the honor he deserves in our everyday language, the language of the common people, at home and in his street.

The question is no longer whether we use good or bad words, but that they can all be one or the other, depending on the case; Sometimes it is simply necessary to distinguish whether we are using words. Sometimes it is impossible to separate the cultural and popular norm from the gaudy form, because through music or a cappella, countless people pass from one to the other, publicly, with ultraservantine ease.

It’s not about “grace” at all; ideas, the very ones that struggle every day, have only one way to express themselves properly: in words.

Also in the health of words and your body, language, faith should be brought up. Let’s hope, damn it, that if the tape of the past comes up, we will hear Cervantes, in a quiet and slow voice, tell his many rivals that he is much braver, because he was much more polite. Let us not wound him, with an unworthy word, in his only healthy hand, that right hand, with which he still has much to write. Because then we would be one-armed.

(Taken from Cubaperiodistas)

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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