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I saw him right after this lady, elderly and with a few knots on her back, asked the driver for a “chance” to get off at the central corner of 17th and G in the capital Vedado. It must have been there a few days ago as it looks worn and dirty, and I also feel like it has been seen by many other passengers who, like me, are wondering if such redundant messages are needed in these difficult times.

On one of the P2 routes passing through Havana today, after getting up through the front door, a sign in capital letters is conspicuous: “Chance: it causes losses, oil consumption, I lose time and lose money.” . Better not to ask for it.

Be that as it may, this seems to clarify to some, and even to the Royal Academy, what is understood as an opportunity to achieve something. But moving away from that conceptual underpinning of a word that could never have been thought of, the Cuban who asks for it – the vast majority – does it to shorten distances, not to mention how tired or busy they are, or simply because how much he misses. to get to your final destination.

It may have become customary to ask for the bus door to be opened in a corner a few meters from the stop, but sometimes this is diluted between what sets the signal and what drivers understand as the ideal place to free some passengers.

However, here I am not going to defend those who deliberately abuse graces and end up upset, because a negative answer was not enough for them. I mean a poster that avoids any questions and imposes the acceptance of exact conformity with the “established”, although this does not justify certain doses of selfishness, dominance and apathy.

Considering that the appeal to
The bus is part of everyday life, a whirlpool of unfinished business before arriving home and often the only way to return … Is it really necessary to face such a trifle at the entrance to something that will always take us somewhere else? Do we have to bear, apart from the waiting time at the stop, sweat and constriction to get to the place, with a message that frees us from any attempt to ask for help?

Chance “brings losses”, but it also brings an act of solidarity. He does not look for a discrepancy between those who are – at the moment – in power, and those who, by the grace of fate, are tinkering on these wheels.

I never found out if this lady had the audacity to ask for a favor, or if she didn’t read with such fuss that she was noticed, a small tablet in front, which I analyzed for some time. I just hope, lucky in these dark times, that opening doors will be easier.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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