Necessary Gratitude

April 19, 2023 was a historic day. Together with valuable colleagues, and therefore with the position to which we have been elected, we have reaffirmed our oath to serve the country, the Constitution and the interests of the Cuban people.

Among so many emotions and thoughts that run through my head, the family appears, especially my parents.

Today in the Cuban parliament, I felt that they are next to me, and I dedicate this merit to them. To my mother, Blasa Romero López, a black woman from the “land of pisoe” and “techo guano” from the hills of Baracoa, who set out to “search for life” in the midst of the revolutionary fervor of the 1960s.

This girl, who was faced with a thousand opportunities that opened up to the poor of this country with the advent of Fidel and bearded men, did not hesitate to take any job and become a professional and hard worker.

To that young girl from the picolino tractor unit in the lands of Ceballos. That CERD leader is over 30 years old. To that policewoman who dragged me by the hand when I was eight years old, for every police march that was convened in the affectionate 80s. To you, mother, this is a confession.

I also pass this on to my father Arnaldo Rodriguez Valdez. A communist leader, capable, intelligent, with a direct character, but very humane. That young mulatto party member who left the slums of Luyano as a result of the emerging Cuban revolution and set out to rescue his family from the cramped and hungry rooms of Fulgencio Batista’s “prosperous Cuba”.

To my father, young founder of the Century of Youth, businessman of various companies, pedraplain contingent on Cayo Coco, my patron hero.

This is a recognition to you, for setting me on the right path, for teaching me the most beautiful and noble values ​​​​of life. For instilling in me feelings of loyalty, honesty and humility. I’m not perfect. Maybe I wasn’t everything you offered me. But know that I am immensely proud of myself, of what I have learned from you, and of the vast legacy that you have created with your efforts, perseverance and loyalty.

(Taken from the author’s Facebook page)

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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