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The words that have just been born in the Cuban Parliament run uncontrollably through the street stands, tinged with various criteria of ways to interpret the present moment and paths to the horizon, drawn by each in his own way, but yes, mainly with the Revolution and with that shrewd and strong spirit of the mambi rider .

The comments that go beyond personal exchanges and interviews are dominated by “they were talking about reality” and that the strategy for moving forward implies, as it says, challenges and challenges, before which we are obliged to stimulate new ideas and make the necessary transformations. Worst of all will be inertia. Without a doubt!

This is how expressions arise about the correctness of recognizing the problems that we ourselves generate, rooted in very old shortcomings; the fact of greater listening to the people, the practice of Fidel, the neglect of which would be fatal, the connection with the communities, and the fact that those responsible are in a whirlwind of problems, and not at a distance of a kilometer, and always with the truth at hand, without hesitation and fabrications that discredit.

There was satisfaction in the renewal of Parliament by many young faces, some of whom are more famous than others, which shows that you got there by merit and not by mere popularity.

Approving comments are multiplying about our President, appreciating his way of assessing opinions in their fair measure, although sometimes disagreeing, but with an adequate answer explaining the strategy of progress. And even what state accounts are used for and why. And there is nothing more, and as without miracles up its sleeve, it is necessary to preserve this dignified and humane system that strives for greater prosperity.

People recognize Diaz-Canel’s dedication, purposefulness and his ability to unite, demand. They express their regret because from everything we know from his mandate, it was impossible to move faster, and he knows that he is serving Cuba with passion, devotion, without resistance … as he just confirmed this on April 19th.

A positive reaction and even a sigh are quite understandable. The superfluous is called upon in every respect, but not in the direction of a journey into the unknown, because, having looked closely, the Revolution has done a lot, despite everything that remains to be done.

There is a paragraph in his keynote address to the Assembly that I think sums up in a very simple and powerful way what needs to be done: Now let’s focus on what we must do and what we can do, even if our hands and feet are tied . To think and work together, overcoming those conditions that we cannot change.

In order to change the current situation, everyone must do what suits them, with efficiency and be as demanding of themselves as they are usually of others.

If we were to get rid of these old gaffes of inadequate control, along with harmful benevolence, we would be much better in every sense, and these are very weighty words. I agree, dear!

Source: Juventud Rebelde



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