predict the show

What is the secret in letting a spectacle of desperation, a fiery arrow, and even a fight unfold, if we know in advance what will happen immediately?

There is no logical answer either, obviously due to the emergence of one of the incomprehensible questions that catch on for madness?!, negligence or incomprehension of even the most obvious. Or all at once.

Here is the freshest, most respectable porridge that has now jumped into the ring with manipulations due to regulations, due to shortages, selling fuel, despite the fact that before the start of the show it was known that this was necessary to limit the usual supply.

So why were the organizational measures that are now being introduced to organize the mess not applied in time? Maybe due to lack of memory?

And don’t write an essay, you say, a reader so saturated with daily clashes, or blame it only for lack of resources when you know by heart that this requires strict control over the distribution of what is. And how paradoxical it is that in this chapter about the equal distribution of what we have, we all sit down. And this does not call into question the fool Hatillo.

We know very well the army of people who, at the slightest organizational loophole, launch themselves at supersonic speed to turn everything into hard and fast pesos. Why, then, open the meek doors for them, so that they act and let steam into the cauldron.

How many times has the same thing happened? It’s safe to say that we’ve lost count of how many times we’ve watched the same movie. Yes, I know that he did not have enough kilometer numbers in his memory. Of course, many see scarcity as an excuse to justify everything.

We really, really need to extinguish mistime, that is, to urgently get ahead of events, one of the functions of civil servants. And we’re talking about the ones that are easier to identify because they obviously depend on resource calculations.

In fact, in a general sense, progress has been made towards eliminating the untimely provision of information, which is vital for society to know what to expect, to know what will happen, how the problem will be solved. and until it is calculated.

In doing so, understanding is opened to understanding, the person is ahead of the balls, the lies, and with the scoop, saying what we first know, we leave it in the ruff raging for some. Let’s not take on the role of clarifyer, let’s prevent this spectacle of despair, an arrow ignited by simple things? administrative, which obscure and overload the environment. Do not forget!

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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