Tale of a good pipe

A stranger approaches me on the street. Do you want to suggest a topic for me? rebellious youth. He assures me that this is something really funny. And he says to me:

I read in the papers that if you see a taxi on the street without a pickup sign or a specific entrance, you can walk up to it and ask the driver to take you to a specific address. So I did.

The taxi driver – it was a woman – replied that she could not give me a ride, because her car drove up to the Centro store, and I was going to Marianao. I told him that the car did not have an entry sign and that he should give me a ride. He then replied that he didn’t have the badge because the base didn’t provide it to him. I insisted, “If there is no sign on the car, you must take me.” She refused: – If I take it, and the inspector catches, he will report.

I argued that the inspector could not report her, that it was enough for her to explain that the base did not give her a sign, and that she could not refuse. He replied:

– If I tell the inspector that because I don’t have a badge, I was forced to wear one, he will say that I don’t have a badge, but I have the language to explain to the user that I can’t get out of my way .

I didn’t give up. I argued that it was not my fault that the base did not provide him with a sign. And she answered me with elementary logic:

“Neither mine.” go.

But I read in the papers that I have the right to demand a ride. She protested:

“I have five children to support, and if they catch me on the road, they will suspend me from classes. And she asked me, somewhat upset:

Are you going to leave them for me?

Of course I told him no. What I read in the papers… He didn’t let me continue. He replied sourly:

“The newspapers can say whatever they want, but if they take me by surprise, I will be suspended from work.

I tried to convince her

“If you get suspended, you can file a lawsuit claiming it’s not your fault that they didn’t give you a sign.”

He replied:

“In the meantime, the stick comes and goes, I don’t work for six months, and then, if I win the lawsuit, they take it with them. They don’t let me live.

I was outraged:

“If this happens to you, you can turn to the newspapers.

Then he became furious:

I don’t have time to waste time looking through newspapers to present my case. Now that my shift is over, I have to go prepare the kids’ meals and wash the week’s clothes and this blouse I’m wearing, because if I go out tomorrow without a uniform and the inspector catches me, he’ll denounce me.


“But you only have a uniform blouse?” Why don’t you take another one?

Then he called out to me:

The company says they don’t have blouses in my size. I also yelled at him:

“But it’s not your fault!” She, already frankly annoyed, scolded me: “Well, shall we start again?” It would be like a fairy tale about a good pipe.

And the stranger laughed:

– Isn’t that very nice? Post it! And he left laughing. That’s when I realized how complicated humor is. The same thing happened to me as with the story of the good pipe: I never found it funny!

*During this week, Jr will reproduce in this space the texts published on its pages by the distinguished writer and humorist Enrique Nunez Rodriguez in honor of the centenary of his birth on May 13th.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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