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Face to face with cards?


Words of disrespect, an odyssey, and how long fly out from the crowd! a kilometer away in C major, and the expression of disappointment on their faces surpasses the classic definition that a photo is worth a thousand words.

What caused the verb on? One of those rapid inconsistencies in our daily lives that give life to more of the same for lack of… what? To predict, very respectable.

To which vericueto am I going? To one of those that you, right now, can endure and puzzle over without finding a convincing explanation. Let’s get a look.

I’m not chasing trails of food supplies that depend on resources, or household items, or clothes, shoes… in short, everything we know that floats in the clouds with diminished presence and value.

It is nothing but magnetic cards. Its main function of facilitating collection or payments and speeding up transactions has fallen into an unimaginable hole that eludes the logical explanation of the most knowledgeable on the subject.

No one digests in a healthy way (impossible) the fact that there is no money in ATMs, as was the case in Santa Clara, in the center of the Island, and maybe a little further, due to the rapid socialization of nonsense.

At night and on weekends, the problem is relevant, although it happens on other days when the cashback goes on vacation.

As possible reasons, banking system officials attributed the growth in card users and, as a result, their wider use, plus the increase in costs that determine the increase in withdrawals, while other alternatives are still little used.

Well, let’s accept the clarifications that in fact, although they don’t say it directly, they also reflect the lack of prediction of the phenomenon when it comes to us. What’s the surprise now?

Indeed, what prevents ATMs from staying full, without those potholes that cause so much trouble? Because customers, besides explanations, claim that their money is always at hand when they want or are in a hurry, and for this it is necessary to frequently replenish and supply money to these ATMs. And if for some reason it runs out, it should be replenished immediately.

In this way, we would avoid inconvenience, disrespectful words, an odyssey and conceivable annoyance from customers who are absolutely right.

The card represents an obligation to a government agency and its use does not allow for the claim that there is no money. We will scare, we will scare away distrust of these machines, so useful, anytime and anywhere.

Source: Juventud Rebelde



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