The tiresome “romance” of bureaucrats

How many times have we heard lately that phrase that calls, in principle, to get rid of everything bureaucratic or to unlock, as it is rooted in our jargon, unjustified obstacles that tirelessly press every reasonable law of understanding …

It is true that we live in difficult moments of crisis, but also in battles to reinvent ourselves and move forward. If this were not enough, then there are those who, in this context and in the performance of their official duties, continue to dress morally, unconsciously or not, in costumes woven from knots, for actions far from the essential and fundamental principle: what should be.

From the daily events in the paperwork office, at the reception of the establishment, or in the shadow of some inactive “boss”, bureaucracy manifests itself as nothing more than a false right to inconvenience and displease others. Even the search for real alternatives to the population is usually mediated for this type of people by serious schematic and inflexible disorders, as if life is so little dynamic that it hardly corresponds to what is “established”.

In a country that is economically, commercially and financially blocked and that is also struggling with the current rampant crisis, the least luxury we should allow ourselves is precisely the rigidity and incompetence of those who do not respect the time and common sense of our people. . The issue under consideration is worrying not only because this phenomenon is metastasizing to the public sector, but also because it hereditarily mutates private actors and small and medium-sized companies.

How is it possible, for example, that municipalities repeatedly violate the steps, contradict any principle of relief, or simply “misinterpret” what is established. That work schedules are disrupted and, surprisingly, despite the shortcomings, there are mistakes that exacerbate the beaten path of paperwork, delays and abuse.

The bureaucrat is also not a “new type” subject, especially in Cuba. Like a stone wall in colonial times, the conventional method leaves room for cronyism and everyone for themselves, while in front of all the dissatisfied looks we see some solve their problems at the office door, while others end up disappointed as soon as they arrive. The desktop opportunist then becomes a twisted dagger, irreparably doomed to self-harm.

Behind them, I always thought, is the best refuge, although very cold and harsh, I believe, for those who harm our socialism from within. A call to fight them will not be enough. It requires control in all spheres, but, above all, on a moral level. Sometimes the papers in the office are in order, flawless. However, nothing guarantees that these same bureaus will not show disrespect to the population or violate fundamental ethical principles.

Crises can never be an excuse to stay afloat in the midst of this sea of ​​limitations. There are few revolutionaries in those who hide behind difficulties in order to dispose of unjustified obstacles in their favor and at the expense of others. We need to recreate the meaning of the present and the urgency of the moment in order to awaken the conscience sleeping under the tiresome “romance” of the bureaucrats.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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