Rolling over in disgrace

Every year since 1992, the world has overwhelmingly rejected the Cuban resolution on The economic, commercial and financial embargo imposed by the United States of America against Cuba must be the most brutal and enduring of the instruments of pressure imposed by the Empire.

Due to the extraterritorial nature of this siege, imposed on February 7, 1962, the erroneously named embargo is a continuation of the valerian eradication campaign. This is an unjustified fact, a legacy of the same tools that they used to get rid of the Cuban Revolutionary Party or the Liberation Army in order to curb any attempt at opposition and resistance.

It is known that nothing has changed in strategy if we look aside on May 20, 1902, when by military means and by means of an appendix to the Constitution they made this republic mutilated.

This is how they envisioned the island becoming independent, apparently in a neo-colonial existence and with the Americans occupying our best land, mineral resources and strategic geographic locations, one of which is still usurped and destined for illegal activities in the name of struggle. against the terrorism they invented after the bloody 9/11.

The mutual offer did not deceive anyone either: the economy, which had recently emerged from the stage of war, was on the rise and had less wealth and raw materials, rose little in the midst of monopoly and the interests of capital.

In our territory, they listened to their recipes for democracy and compromises, which removed or appointed inept, corrupt and despotic leaders, lackeys of extra status. Since the country was threatened by foreign intervention, which had to be approved by the North American Congress, anxiety took root in reality and imagination, conditioning behavior and conscience.

The Creole elite was ahead of the majority, unaware of prosperity, enjoying no social privileges, and suffering from their inevitable fate as black, peasant, or illiterate. The uneven yoke belied the vaunted development some suggest.

Liberty was the least conquered before strong foreign penetration in all areas since the 19th century. Popular mobilization and patriotic feeling, well forged in Marty and Gomez’s journey to Playitas de Cajobabo, or during the invasion of the West against the outnumbered metropolis, prevented more evil and thwarted the obvious amount of nonsense that had been concocted. centuries ago. hatched both Machiavellian and insane theories of “greengrocers” and politicians of imperialism in diapers.

The dispute between the United States and Cuba, through dates, examples and explanations, makes it clear who was who during the explosion in Maine and the denial of entry to Mumbi Calixto Garcia’s troops in Santiago de Cuba – the letter to Shafter is a document of denunciation and premonition – Plattista’s Intentions, the implementation of a failed policy of good neighborliness, gunboats anchored on the waterfront of Havana, contempt for everything Cuban, the existence of the mafia, brothels and abusive marines, the honeymoon of the tyranny of Machado and Batista, the North American embassies at different periods …

When digital calendars without artificial intelligence point to May 20 as our Independence Day, the mind confirms them with a purely formal aspect of the republican birth but overwhelming past, the exchange of powers between powers, the lies saved and justified, the mirage must be discussed and discussed, flourishing ranks and modern persecution. as the Camerlon conga engulfs history and the present.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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