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Miami’s Anti-Cuban Alienation


I must say that I am not a typical Cuban. I’ve lived off the island for over 60 years, so I’ve known Cuban Miami – the city I live in – since it started, and I know it from top to bottom. Here I spent part of my youth, all my youth, my maturity and now my old age, enough time to see how Cubans develop over the years. So there is no one who can tell me the story of what some late-nighters insist on calling “exile,” a dream that no longer exists, if it ever existed. I could write countless articles on this subject; I wrote a lot, but this is not about that now.

It is said that if you speak Spanish, live in Miami, are of Hispanic descent, and want to completely distance yourself from yourself, there is a magical solution that is sure to satisfy your desires immediately. The formula is not a bottled medicine or skin ointment. It consists of something simple: it is simply the ability to own a radio or television screen.

If you have access to one of these two gadgets, you have the right to go crazy in the blink of an eye in this city. With such equipment, which is very easy to obtain on the local market, he can fall into a state of insanity from which even all members of the Vienna School of Psychiatry cannot cure him.

For example, if you devote eight hours straight to listening to and watching Spanish-language programs that are broadcast daily in the city of Miami, it is very easy to achieve complete estrangement from reality in just a few weeks of treatment. If you do this for a long time, you will lose all your inner psyche and become totally irrational.

Anti-Cuban Miami has long lost touch with reality. So much so that it acts directly contrary to its own values ​​and interests. It was a long and painful process, but it partially achieved the goal that many from above conceived.

Controlling a large portion of the community to support measures that only harm them is almost unimaginable, but in Miami it has been achieved. When you see that old Cubans, who live off what the state gives them, support the Republican Party and fiercely defend it on local radio and television, completely controlled by the extreme right, you are surprised.

Republicans are in favor of any drastic measures against social measures that can help those most in need. How is it possible that these unfortunate scoundrels not only vote for a party that is contrary to their personal interests,
but to call open mics in this city to the delusional and wholly unfounded accusations of communism against anyone who is not a Republican? Here the pope is a communist, Carter has a red card, and John F. Kennedy was a member of the International. If this is not a complete alienation from reality, may God come and say so.

Three Cuban Congressional Representatives who are based in Miami-Dade County are the most favorable participants in this process of communal madness. It was they who, through manipulation and in collusion with the local media, ensured that this process became a reality. These little characters may well be worthy of a Nobel Prize for infamy. Three of them are uneducated, there is almost no gray matter in their brains, they can hardly hold a civilized debate, but they are, as we say, Cubans: some kind of bugs for evil. Their only mission in the Federal Congress is to find a way to harm Cuba and its people, and in order to achieve their goals, they agree with those they must agree with.

Cuban elders, living in complete madness and hatred, make up their main constituency. It is to these unfortunates that their rantings are directed, and they are so unhappy that they deliberately lead them to vote against their interests. How sad! TRUE?

Source: Juventud Rebelde



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