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In the face of hate, let’s sing in good faith


In good faith, Israel and Yoel are touring Spain. They are armed with those songs that shoot emotions in the chest and they shoot well: they make the audience think with lyrics that combine truth and lyricism, born of Cuban identity and a sense of justice, which makes them a devoted duet, not a submissive one. .

In the face of this authentic and autochthonous music, and above all very Cuban, which inspires us to defend the ideas that support our social project, the peninsula-based terrorist chords sound out of tune these days, which have reached the shame of the attack to try to force them shut up.

They have managed to cancel shows using old and updated blackmail, and continue to turn up the decibels of terrorism to try and intimidate Buen Fe’s followers and the band itself.

In Barcelona, ​​powerless and arrogant, terrorists after all, they even attempted physical aggression against the singers, and if they won the prize with this concert of anti-Cuban bravado, it would be to show the world what kind of music they sing. : caveman hate not understanding love

Buena Fe is the throat of millions of people in the world. Cubans and non-Cubans who sing the hope for a better world build bridges with the common language of song poetry and tear down the walls of colonization.

This is the music of a country that rises above fences and cultural hegemony on its own. Buena Fe, more than a musical group, is a feeling, the meaning of the life of its members and its followers.

And this is known to those who walk around the world, rereading fascist scores. They believe that with guns instead of microphones, they will silence Buena Fe. They scream, yell, attack, and then they’re going to cash their checks for these atrocious acts.

This duo, born in Guantanamo, who are aware of the bad faith of a neighbor who has an illegally usurped enclave, has become a utopia, a message of peace that sings right into the chest of those who love and found.

Faithfully in the face of hatred. In the face of statelessness, good faith.

Source: Juventud Rebelde



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