under fire

Alarmists go around with words on their backs that you can catch with hats and NOT only (like that with a capital letter) because of the oppressive economic situation, which, of course, unleashes a thousand and one comments in good faith, in bad faith. intentionally and even bordering on insanity. At least nothing from another galaxy.

Despite everything, these characters existed, but with a kilometer difference, starting with those who, even having everything they need, and even more, show eternal horror due to the innate belief that everyone wants to hurt them, even from the afterlife peace. .

It is logical that they need to be treated in order not to end up in a psychiatric hospital, and people try to avoid their repeated reset of the endless misfortunes that lie in wait for them, and describe them with a devilish verb.

Another type of alarmist is the ferocious, sarcastic character who rolls words with the intent to refute even the obvious, or to predict and spread catastrophic events at full speed.

They seek to enhance, and even decorate with additions, to make a real or fictional event as creepy as possible. Nightingale!

They are good spreaders of lies in this earthly life, in which they tell the truth and lies in parallel. Who could have imagined this absurdity imposed as a norm by those in power to satisfy their interests at any cost?

Right now, a recurring theme of the alarmists is social violence, which, unfortunately, has swept the world. But fu! the bombardment of these gentlemen refers exclusively to what, according to their darts, occurs only in Cubita la bella.

In fairness (without euphemisms, that there are three canes!) It must be said that the precarious economic situation affects the encouragement of social indiscipline and crimes of various scales, including serious ones. The poet has already said this: we are not a perfect society. And there are dreams that blind and envelop!

There are many people who are in good faith concerned about cases of murder or robbery with violence. Especially for the calm that distinguishes our society and no one wants it to disappear.

Now, sliding into pessimism, listening to alarmists and falling into a depressed state, we can only find ourselves in a never-never. That wise saying that in four warning words does not turn into a fruitless phrase: in bad weather a good face. Yes, for your sake, believe and accept it.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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