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I was thrilled to hear that graphic humor publisher Palante is relaunching their legendary Chispa Joven competition. Like an old video machine rewinding a tape, the images passed through my eyes until we reached the date when we were so young… I never even dreamed of meeting many of those inexperienced cartoonists who today are part of the intense history of the Guild of Cuban Graphic Humorists.

Many names, now recognizable by their drawings and signatures, were first published in our press thanks to Chispa Joven.

Las, Adan, Ares, Abela, Gerardo, Betanzos, Boligan… among many other cartoonists, recognize this event and Palante as a great school that brought them professionally into the arena of plastic arts.

To me, in particular, I believeRemember the teacher and friend Francisco Blanco (Blanquito), who was the director of Palante, the great promoter of Chispa Joven and all the workshops and training courses for young cartoonists. May the return of this vital contest serve as a tribute to all those great Cuban graphic humorists who once sent their nascent touches, their first drawings to Palante, their Chispa Joven, in search of a dream.

Chispa Joven 2023 Competition Announcement

The humorous newspaper Palante, together with this organization, the Union of Young Communists and the National Directorate of Committees for the Defense of the Revolution, are convening a new edition of their traditional Chispa Joven competition for drawing and humorous literature lovers living in the country.

The Organizing Committee will consist of the management and staff of the newspaper Palante, who will also be responsible for the selection of entries. The competition jury will include authoritative graphic and literary comedians of the country.

The competition will be held in the following categories: political satire, general humor, personal caricature, comics, literary humor (includes tenths) and memes.

The age of the participants must not exceed 35 years. Three works can be submitted in each category, if they have not been awarded in other national competitions, and the topic will be free. The entries will be sent to our email [email protected]. The images will be in jpg format, with a resolution of up to 300 dpi and no larger than 30 x 40 cm. Written in Word format, font: Arial, number 12, single spaced and up to 200 words. Tenths should not be more than four.

They can also be delivered in their original format directly to our office: located at ul. 21 No. 954, between 8 and 10, Vedado, Plaza de la Revolución, Havana, Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 16:00. :00 pm

The works are attached on the back or in the appendix the names and surnames of the authors, the number of the identity card, the title of the work, the category and the technique used. In addition to the postal and digital address, telephone numbers for their location will be recorded.

Each category will be awarded one prize consisting of 3000 MN and as many (unpaid) mentions as the jury decides. A Grand Prix will also be awarded for the best work or set of works, which will be recognized by the sponsoring organizations. The awarded works and selected works will remain at Palante’s disposal for the next six months following the award ceremony for their publication and public exhibition. The deadline for admission is July 3, 2023. The jury will announce its decision as part of the commemorative events for the 60th anniversary of UPEC.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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