Labor force, engine of the country

When known ups and downs are overcome and analyzed in more than one scenario that prevents specific and correct actions on the difficult path of eradicating vulnerabilities, there is a taste of incredible satisfaction. This is well known in Sancti Spiritus, where there are good results in preventive work and social work, which encourages us to continue the path of perseverance in dealing with many.

Even with a very cold figure of 3,580 socially disadvantaged people, eligible but unrelated and already employed, the news builds on its own. And if, in addition to this, as a value, add that these people make up 90 percent of those in need, there is no doubt that, although much remains to be done, the strategies implemented in this regard have been effective and efficient.

What was achieved did not require much effort, but speed and deep qualitative analysis, as required by everything that is done in relation to caring for families, neighbors and communities in vulnerable situations. Analyzing these contexts inch by inch does not require scientists or fortune tellers, for there are those who hold the reins of the institutions, organizations and bodies responsible for closing any gap in inequality.

Realizing the need to face multiple realities, in Sancti Spiritus, the labor orientation offices moved towards the people’s councils. They pass on job offers to neighbors, as well as training courses on scarce deals from various organizations such as the Gaviota Group and Mintur.

Likewise, informal workers have been knocked on the door of processing opportunities for self-employment, with all the benefits of legalization and belonging to this segment.

It is a comprehensive approach at the level of the people’s council and the community, accompanied by grassroots organizations and constituency delegates, which has achieved 380 young people in employment to date.

Also thanks to this intensive campaign of persuasion, more than 400 young people are already included in the course of training and professional development at different levels of education. Mostly to get twelfth grade or to qualify for a job. Having achieved this first goal, they may seek to continue their studies or choose a better job.

All this became possible thanks to the constant insistence of the country’s top leadership, which highlighted individual attention to students as a priority in order to achieve their consistency in their studies at the university, as well as encouraging actions to strengthen the learning-work method in the preparation of new generations.

Similarly, it is on the agenda of all Cuban territories to provide new educational opportunities for young people who cannot complete various courses so that they can get a job and integrate into society.

In order to comply with these principles in Sancti Spiritus, it was proved that it is necessary for the population to work together with various organizations, institutions and public, political and mass organizations in the communities, as well as the training and improvement of human potential, participation in preventive work.

With this experience on his shoulders and the desire to eliminate inequality, he continues to live in the hearts of those places where it is known that there is still a suitable demarcation to join the only way to advance the nation: to work in the community to build a better society. .

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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