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My dear friend Floro, in his last letter, asked me to congratulate the famous audiovisual director Rudy Mohr and his entire team of actors and directors on the series. First gradewho comes to our house every Sunday on the Cubavision channel.

Floro comments in his message: “I think this piece has a great impact, especially on the young audience to which it is addressed. Photography, soundtrack, rhythm, staging… everything is very modern and in tune with the language of the digital social media platform that is the protagonist in its diegesis. However, and I want to be completely honest, I wonder: can social media really influence people’s behavior in this way? Doesn’t that seem like an exaggeration?”

Dear Floro, I can assure you that your congratulations will reach the producers of the series, with which I fully agree. I also want to comment that you surprised me with your professional analysis of work, which seems to me very objective and professional, however (using the same counter-argumentative connector) it draws my attention to how work treats the impact that social networks have on people, can seem exaggerated to you. I have heard this doubt from the lips of other people, and it is sad.

Social networks play a very important role in the lives of modern men and women. Even though in Cuba we don’t have the same percentage of connectivity (in terms of quality and quantity) as most of the countries that make up the world, our society has already become a consumer, addicted to social media and the Internet. .

For example, I know people who have stopped going to the doctor, and not only because it has become difficult to get an appointment with a specialist. The Internet is your new doctor. There they find whatever they think will solve their affliction and thus satisfy that “little doctor” that some of us carry inside. And it’s not just to resolve their professional frustration and help themselves, I’ve seen them treat other people as if they were medical experts and then point out: it says so on the internet!

Thus, we have chefs, confectioners, mechanics, meteorologists, alchemists, engineers… everyone, including spiritualists and cartomaniacs who have received a “gold degree” in a virtual way.

Even the legendary and repetitive Hindu text known as the Kama Sutra has fallen into disuse due to the ubiquitous presence of three crosses in nets. There are already those who make love with their mobile number and the data is available, in case there are doubts about the performance of the caressing set.

Friend Floro, I want you to know that, in my opinion, the series has only touched the epidermis of a very complex problem that mainly worries teenagers. This leads them to great psychological and social behavioral affectations, especially when they are manipulated by what they want to hear, their dreams, ways to achieve their goals, no matter how absurd this path may seem. There are thousands of examples that include the events that led to the online psychopath-induced mass suicide.

I think that with regard to social networks, without denying all their usefulness, we have done the most stupid business in the history of mankind: our lives, our private lives, for the sake of more eccentricity, for the sake of more information.

Many experts advise counting to ten before giving or suggesting an answer in a network of networks. There are many things in our environment for which we must count to ten, but in the case of the Internet, before accepting an invitation that could interfere with our lives, let’s count as long as we can count.


From the Museum of Humor of San Antonio de los Baños, we were informed that the first contestant who sent works to participate in the upcoming XIII International Biennale of Humor in San Antonio de los Baños was a Uruguayan colleague and friend Esteban Isnardi with a personal caricature . Don’t forget to send your suggestions to [email protected]

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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