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There is a detail of the vicissitudes of our trade and gastronomic system, reflecting the return to C major of one of its principles, in addition to price increases (Please skip this page, take care of your health. Do we agree?). I’m talking about the rise and restoration of the principle that the more variety of goods a merchant offers, the more sales opportunities await him.

That even the fool from Hatillo knows it’s right, but be careful! Here in the geography of Villa Clara, there was a stage where spaces were teeming with specialties of everything you could think of: restaurants only for pork, chicken, rabbit, lamb, beef… Picnic areas where you could offer bread and ham or milkshakes or special fruit drinks… In short, monoventa has become an innovation.

What if it was bad or good? I am clarifying this particularity for those who are suspicious that there are known here and elsewhere: perhaps the worst thing was to base their variety on a decree, without the support of culinary skill for each of those dishes that distinguished the place, and without benefit to them. with resource priority. (Other establishments? Well, thanks, they gave it away, if there was anything left, at the rate of kachumbambe).

In a word, any restaurant, without giving up a number of offers, can specialize in certain food and offer a specific dish on the menu, which it considers to be its best and most prestigious cuisine.

But that was a long time ago, and almost all these projects have been carried away by time. Now the fashion is the opposite: limitless diversification has come into fashion. Who could imagine a cultural bookstore offering sweets, candies, flip-flops, sweaters… or a bakery selling garlic paste, vinegar, condiments and other items typical of markets and picnic areas?

Of course, this interest is driven by the reality we talked about at the beginning: the more they sell, the more they get paid… on top of the possible extra income these sellers get if they steal some item from their own investment. under the umbrella of the state.

It’s hard for them to go unnoticed in this section if this invention is older than Methuselah! If in doubt, ask the inspectors, you may exclaim, dear reader.

Surprisingly, this boom of a single unit offering a greater variety of goods occurred when there was less of almost everything. But there is! And know the origin! Because we either do not come to Cuba, or we overdo it … It’s so simple.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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