New submarine cable will connect Martinique and Cienfuegos

The agreement signed between the Cuban Telecommunications Company SA (ETECSA) and the French company Orange SA will allow the former to expand and diversify its international capabilities in response to the growing demand for Internet connectivity and broadband services, the institution reports on its official website. .

According to him, it is a submarine cable system deployed by ORANGE through its subsidiary Orange Marine, which will connect the Caribbean island of Martinique with the province of Cienfuegos and whose physical structure will be ready in 2023.

With this new cable, the country will have another route for international services, geographically diversifying current communications, he adds, and, in line with the country’s economic capabilities, it will be possible to “continue to expand international communications in line with development.” the plan is connected with the computerization of society.

He noted that the project is under development and there are all permits for its deployment.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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