Cuban Dengue Vaccine Candidate Under Initial Adjustment Prior to Production

The Cuban Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB) said on Wednesday that a dengue fever vaccine candidate is in the initial adjustment phase before it goes into production.

“At CIGB, we are at the pilot scale stage of a dengue vaccine candidate, an intermediate scale where initial adjustments are being made before moving the final process to productive areas,” the organization wrote in its letter. account on the social network Twitter.

The project against dengue fever, which Cuba is developing, has a safe technological platform and is based on recombinant proteins, the CIGB noted.

“We have a quadrivalent candidate based on proteins from four dengue viruses that we are currently evaluating,” the organization said in a previous statement. If it is possible to reduce the level of infection with dengue virus, i.e. viral load, severity can be avoided; even symptoms.

“This is what we are betting on with the vaccine candidate we are developing: the disease is subclinical or with mild symptoms,” commented the CIGB network of networks.

Getting a vaccine is a complex process because dengue fever has four serotypes and it is necessary to immunize against each of them at the same time for the drug to be effective.

Also, during 2023, a new system for express diagnosis of this disease should appear, in which specialists from the Immunoanalysis Center work.

This system would allow the first symptoms to be determined whether it is dengue fever or a secondary infection.

This will serve the application of differentiated treatment to patients, will avoid exacerbation of the disease and death.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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