Meet the heaviest bike on planet Earth

BERLIN, 2 April. Self-taught engineer Sebastian Beutler has made it into the German version of the Guinness Book of World Records by creating the world’s heaviest bike, a nearly 5,000-pound metal monster.

Beutler, who lives in Koten, a city in the German state of Saxony-Anhalt, named the strange artifact Kleine Johanna, saying he built it almost entirely from scrap metal.

According to the website, the Kleine Johanna has been recognized as the heaviest bike in the world by the German Institute of Records, the national version of the Guinness World Records. The strange device has a length of 5 meters, a height of almost 2 meters and weighs 2177 kilograms.

Sebastian Beutler explained that he could run it thanks to the truck’s gearbox, adapted to power a classic bicycle system. The Kleine Johanna has 35 forward gears and 7 reverse gears and can not only pedal by one person, but according to its inventor, can tow up to 15 tons.

Boytler became seriously ill in 2011, and since he can no longer lead a normal working life, he turns to building all sorts of super-impressive metal machines. Kleine Johanna was built in a shared workshop in three years.

Sebastian Beutler said his family and friends tried to get him to stop working on it, but he didn’t listen and today he is the proud owner of the world’s heaviest motorcycle. Interestingly, the superbike has a built-in engine, but only to power an alternator that charges the user’s mobile phone.

Beutler announced that he would be cycling to the Baltic Sea this summer on vacation, covering 389 kilometers.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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