Achievements in Havana IX Intercontinental Convention of Psychologists

The second day of the IX Intercontinental Conference of Psychologists meets Tuesday in Havana to spark a topical debate about collective well-being.

The event brings together professionals from this field of knowledge and others related, after five years without being held due to COVID-19.

It is organized in-person and virtual by the Cuban Psychological Society and will run until April 28 at the Habana Libre Hotel, as detailed on the Cubadebate website.

The organizing committee of the event emphasized that about 1,400 people from more than 23 countries are participating in the debate, based on the fact that human well-being is built on interaction with other disciplines, clarifies PL.

Likewise, the debate will reflect the professional and scientific practice of psychology and contemporary society.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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