New video games with Cuban stamp will be presented on April 4

The Provisional Group of the Video Game Industry, through its permanent secretariat at the Union of Informatics of Cuba and welcoming the activities of April 4, announced this Friday the upcoming launch of new games with a creole tinge.

Video games will be available on April 4 at the Cuba Pavilion, hosting an event that includes conferences, a fair and an exhibition tournament, Super Smash Bros, one of the most powerful e-sports in the country.

The announcement of what will happen in the coming days was made this Friday by Omar Correa Madrigal, PhD, video game industry interim group coordinator and vice president of UIC, and Alexis Trista, vice president of the Electronic Sports Association. Cuba and president of the Smash Cuba community.

New games have been developed by public, private and independent studios. Games such as Coliseum Ascensión (Vertex) and Cebi (Citmatel) will be released on the same day in full versions, while others will appear in beta testing.

Everything is created for the Android platform, on the 4th they will be available for download through the platform.

The launches are sponsored by the University of Informatics (UCI), the Hermanos Saíz Association (AHS), UJC and XETID.

Introducing the event, Correa Madrigal highlighted the work done over the past year by the Interim Video Game Industry Group, which has focused on five main pillars: economic, tax-legal, communication, content and learning, to provide a comprehensive look at the formation of the Cuban digital game industry.

For his part, Alexis Trista noted that about 30 participants have registered for the Smash exhibition tournament to showcase their art, and invited anyone who wants to join this party to do so on the same day at the Cuba Pavilion.

The program indicates that the events will begin at nine in the morning and last, according to the organizers, until seven in the evening.

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