They invent a new kissing machine… from afar

BEIJING, 9 May. — The Chinese Institute of Futuristic Technology has created a device that works with silicone lips connected to a mobile application and invites users to kiss from a distance.

Many fans of the sitcom The Big Bang Theory will remember the chapter in which the main characters create a remote kissing device. In this episode, Howard tests the device on Raj, to Leonard’s stunned look.

Now this utopia has become a reality thanks to an artifact patented by the Changzhou Professional Institute of Mechatronics Technology in China. The device has movable lips and users have to download the app, then pair their phones and start a video call.

This quirky device is equipped with pressure sensors and can mimic a real kiss as it mimics the movement and temperature of each user’s lips, Web portal and CNN explain.

According to applied electronics expert Jiang Zhongli, proponents of the invention claim it could be a solution for couples who are far apart to share physical closeness.

Jiang completed his first prototype in 2019, admitting he didn’t expect his invention to become so popular and wished someone could refine the initial design.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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