11 million tons are dumped into the oceans every year

Senior French and United Nations officials met in Paris to urge the international community to take immediate action against plastic dumping as part of a binding treaty led by the European country.

French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna has called for immediate action to limit the damage plastic causes to the planet and human health. Every year, 11 million tons of plastic is dumped into the seas around the world, suffocating oceans and ecosystems, damaging biodiversity and threatening health.

This phenomenon will triple in the next 40 years if we do not respond immediately, experts warn.

The forum in Paris, which was attended by almost 40 environment ministers from different continents, was a prelude to the second session of negotiations on a legally binding agreement to combat plastic pollution.

UN Environment Program Director Inger Andersen also stressed the importance of the treaty and the need to reduce the scale of the problem. The goal is to have the tool before the end of 2024.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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