The University of Informatics hosts Global Game Jam 2023

The release of the 2023 Global Game Jam, the world’s largest simultaneous video game, began this Friday, February 3 at the University of Informatics (UCI), the venue for the event, which will end next Monday.

Over the next 48 hours, a total of 120 participants, divided into 30 teams, six of which are from professional pre-university institutes of exact sciences (Vladimir Ilyich Lenin and Humboldt 7), must create a functional prototype of a video game, this year under the main theme of Roots.

The most inexperienced are joined by the campuses of the University of Havana, the University of Technology Havana José Antonio Echeverría and UCI itself, as well as independent developers.

Similarly, Pueblo y Educación, the main sponsor of the event, launched “Children’s Science” as a sub-theme for the Cuban headquarters.

Along with this, a virtual Global Game Jam Next is celebrated, featuring 41 children and teenagers from primary and secondary schools on the theme of “Children’s Literature”.

As an incentive for this event, pre-university students who achieve recognition will receive a degree in computer science, an action aimed at promoting the video game industry in Cuba.

The UCI is hosting the Global Game Jam for the eighth time.

2023 Global Game Jam release hosted by the University of Informatics (UCI). Photo: Jurisander Guevara

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