Almost 80% of Twitter employees were fired by Elon Musk after he became its sole owner.

Twitter already has only 1,300 employees out of 7,500 when Elon Musk became its sole owner and embarked on massive layoffs, economic network CNBC, which claims to have seen internal documents, reported Friday.

Out of 1,300,550 full-time engineers, while there are only 20 people in the “trust and security” team, despite the fact that this is a critical section that guarantees the safety of users and their accounts, the DW website publishes.

When Musk finally confirmed the $44 billion purchase of the network and entered the company’s San Francisco headquarters, he did so amid persistent rumors that he was planning a layoff, which were immediately confirmed by those affected – Musk never made them public – and now those cuts are almost 80%, according to the same source.

The voluntary engineer explained to CNBC that recruiting new engineers is more difficult than it might seem, as they require good “institutional knowledge” of Twitter in terms of advertising or creating a timeline, in addition to general programming knowledge.

Such insights cannot be immediately assumed from engineers transferred to Twitter from other Musk companies, such as Tesla or SpaceX.

The downsizing is due to Musk’s continued calls to cut the network’s massive costs, amid benefits that have plummeted since his arrival, largely due to a massive exodus of advertisers frightened by its owner’s constant wobbles and a new and vague content policy.

Musk went so far as to say in early November that Twitter was losing $4 million a day — to justify layoffs — and put up most of the corporate furniture in San Francisco offices for sale last Wednesday. , all in order to cover losses.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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