Congratulations to Cuban scientists

Minister of Science, Technology and Environment (Citma) Elba Rosa Pérez Montoya congratulates researchers, technologists, specialists, teachers, professionals and workers of the science, technology and innovation system of the Republic of Cuba:

He noted that, like every January, the year begins with the celebration of a new anniversary of the triumph of our invincible Revolution, and in parallel, the Day of Cuban Science is celebrated.

He stressed how inextricably linked the development of science in our country with the great event that forever marked our life – the revolution.

“Over the past 64 years, many important developments have taken place in Cuban science under the leadership of Fidel’s visionary thinking: the campaign to eliminate illiteracy, the strengthening of the higher education system, the work of the headquarters of the municipal university, the creation of the Biological Front, which became the Western Science Pole, today transformed into a business group Biocubapharma, which promotes the integration of institutions based on national and international research, production and marketing of biotechnological health products,” the minister stressed.

He specified that the contribution of Cuban science has been decisive in the fight against Covid-19, based on scientific cooperation between researchers and institutions from different disciplines, the sharing of existing capacities and the role of the government as an integrating and revitalizing agent. experience that the country has adopted as a working method.

“Our scientific staff,” he said, “has demonstrated convincing results that are able to respond to difficult situations.”

He explained that today, although the economic and health conditions continue to be very difficult, and the United States government has tightened the blockade, the country is growing thanks to the efforts of the government, in which science, technology and technology play an important role. .

“In the face of diverse challenges, we will continue to engage in responsible and relevant science, we will continue to count on the unreserved dedication of the women and men of the industry, especially young people, who demonstrate a constant commitment to the continuity of the scientific work of the Revolution and make decisions that the country needs every day”, he concluded.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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