Get a TV that turns off when you fall asleep

SEOUL, December 29th. LG Electronics has signed an agreement with Asleep to create smart home appliances using artificial intelligence (AI) that can customize the operation of devices through sleep diagnostics.

Asleep is a technology startup that specializes in sleep monitoring and offers various services based on artificial intelligence technology in line with these goals. In particular, it diagnoses the various stages of sleep by the sounds made by the breath of users. To do this, use devices equipped with microphones, such as smartphones, TVs, or speakers.

Based on the work of this company, LG intends to use this technology to produce smart home appliances that measure the user’s sleep state and, depending on whether he is awake or not, can change their settings.

The sleeper AI is capable of making decisions, such as turning off a device that is no longer in use and changing the temperature of the air conditioner when the person has fallen asleep so that it works optimally.

Asleep chief executive Lee Dong Hong said his firm is committed to creating a human-centered living environment and will showcase it at CES 2023 next January in Las Vegas, USA, according to the publications. Media Business Standard and Europa Press. For his part, LG Electronics Vice President Oh Segi-gi assured that they will introduce a series of smart home appliances that contain sleep diagnostic technology implemented in a simple and accurate manner.

According to the South Korean manufacturer, the AI ​​will use microphones to monitor breathing, monitoring the four stages of human sleep (drowsiness, light sleep, deep sleep and very deep sleep).

Falling asleep in front of the TV can disrupt metabolism and cause weight gain or even obesity, according to a study signed by Dale Sandler, a scientist at the US National Institute of Environmental Sciences. A growing body of research shows that disturbed sleep cycles can contribute to poor health by increasing the risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, depression and obesity, Sandler said.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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