Tigres del Lisi beats Cuba with more skill than with the ball

With more skill and mental play than attacking power, the Dominican team Tigres de Licey hit three points in the third inning this Friday, enough to defeat some of the Cuban farmers who continue to compete in the Caribbean Series against predictions: high-note pitching, batting suspense.

A young Jonathan Carbo went through the first two innings without complications, but in the next he pitched Luis Barrera and landed Gustavo Nunez’s ninth at bat, and this one, very adept at bases, provoked and provoked with his steal ploy until catcher Yosvani Alarcón fell into the trap and didn’t take a rash shot at second base.

Young Jonathan Carbo won the first two innings without complications.

The shot opened the rubber doors for a third man and put Nunez ahead to second base, from where he continued his ruse and pulled Carbo out of focus, who also passed hitter Emilio Bonifacio and missed an unstoppable run. seasoned ex Major League Baseball Robinson Cano.

The farmers showed pitch with high notes, but no batting.

On this, his work ended, and mentor Carlos Marti had to apply to his bullpen ahead of schedule. Kelbis Rodriguez resolved the situation, but Yordanis Alarcón got stuck in the turn to first baseman and missed what turned out to be the Dominicans’ last round of the game.

The Tigers couldn’t do anything else, the club that won the most Caribbean series in history (10). This year they landed in Caracas with a compact line-up among the best despite losing 4-5 to Mexico on the opening day.

In the first two days, the Farmers team showed dominance that no one predicted.

However, Agricultores left out only one in the fifth section, when Guillermo Aviles’ shots hit the target, a shot in which the left fielder made a mistake and Andrés de la Cruz who towed him, a connection that raised lime on the left field line , but it was necessary to declare, because the ampaya inexplicably ordered filthydespite the fact that the dust almost spatters his uniform.

The Tigers used five pitchers to keep the win. Starter Domingo Robles (5.0 INN, 1L, 5H) won with no strikeouts or passes, and the bullpen took last place in the game with Jairo Asensio’s save.

With just 12 pitchers, the team that has led the fewest to a very tight tournament of at least seven straight games, Carlos is trying to use the fewest pitchers in each game to save money.

This is how they played Kelbis (4.1 TIN, 6N, 3K and 1BB) when the Tigers had already made adjustments to accommodate their shipments and if there were no further complications, it was thanks to Miguel Paradelo (2.1 TIN, 2N), whose work in the remainder of the match the score kept in the account.

Cuba had two good chances in the second and eighth innings, but both ended in goalless goals. On the first of these occasions, Laza and Aviles scored one out, however Andrés de la Cruz landed the second which ended in a double play.

In another, he mediated a controversial high command decision. Osvaldo Abreu got a walk, Yunieschi Lardue scored a kick and in this situation they ordered the sacrifice of Raiko Santos, the perfect batter, to put the ball in play; the bunt didn’t do the job as they came out on third base and then the Alarcon brothers hit outside the strike zone.

In the first two days, Farmers employees showed a dominance that no one predicted, although historical numbers show that it is the hit that most compromises positive results. Laza (3-2) and Aviles (4-2) were the best this Friday with wood.

It was the fifth loss with two wins against Dominican teams since Cuba’s return to the Caribbean Classic in 2014.

Los Tigres de Licey is the club that has won the most Caribbean series in history. Photo: Guillermo Aviles

Another result of the second date: Panama beat Colombia 6:5, and now both have the same balance as Cuba and the Dominican Republic, 1:1.

Positive: Delivery continues to dominate.

Negative: An ill-fated sacrifice with Raiko Santos in the eighth inning.

Anxiety: The indiscipline continues at home, allowing opposing pitchers to save work.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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