Diaz-Canel with the Cuban team at the Clasico

“How do you feel? How was the training? Does it satisfy you? How is the pitching?” One by one, President Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez asked questions to a wide range of Cuban baseball players that will take part in the 2023 World Baseball Classic, which the head of state attended this Thursday morning.

“You throw and hit more than you talk,” the president joked with the boys, who, still not surprised by the unexpected visit, barely articulated the words, according to the website of the Presidency and Government of the Republic of Cuba.

Shortly after, on the pitch, team manager Armando Johnson Saldívar explained that the team was made up of young athletes and others with a lot of experience with a lot of versatility, and that the serve was one of its biggest strengths.

“We are all one team, no one thinks about individual results, and we are very happy about this,” young pitcher Frank Abel Alvarez Diaz told the press, who described the visit of the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party as “Inspiration and very important.”

From the first base bench at the Latin American Stadium, Diaz-Canel shared with them his experience “as another baseball fan in Cuba” and conveyed to them the confidence that the Cuban people have the intensity with which the team “will prepare, with the quality that he is, he can play a good role.

We know, he stressed, that they have been training hard and I think “a good job of preparation and teamwork has been done.”

We are aware that the competitive world we are involved in has changed, but “you are also part of the best baseball players in the world, you are a young, strong team” and you had the honor of being famous for the Cuban “Baseball, participate in training with you” thought He. The President was referring to Pedro Luis Lazo, Germán Mesa, Orest Kindelan and Osmani Urrutia.

Keep following these people who are the glory of Cuban baseball – the Cuban president motivated them – they “were part of the 1st. Clasico, which was a performance where we showed that we are at the level of any baseball in the world, and you can mark a milestone in the history of Cuban baseball and open the way to the future we want in the shortest possible time. time to return to stellar plans.

In his parting words, the confidence that people will continue, game after game, their own performances in the coming days: “We have a lot of faith in you and see you when you return.”

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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