Cuba with two World Boxing Tour silver medals

Arlen Lopez (80kg) and Julio César la Cruz (92kg) lost their final bouts and Cuba rejected the Moroccan Gold Belt stop of the 2023 World Boxing Tour series with a couple of subtitles released by JIT.

The defeats of two-time Olympic champions, both with a score of 1-4, made the protagonists of their offenders, the then-tanned Russian Iman Khataev and the Italian, world number two Aziz Abbes Mukhidin, respectively.

Muhiidin avenged what happened in the Belgrade 2023 universal belt controversy and ignited a rivalry that is now fueling high expectations for the tournament in Tashkent, where Julio intends to reign for the sixth time.

The European bounced back well and counterattacked, relying on combinations backed up by a plan that, according to Island head coach Rolando Acebala, showed a good study of the star, who also had a hard time in the Serbian capital.

Arlen faced an all-time aggressive man who barely flinched when he was given a defensive score near the end of the match after a hit that left him in a bad state.

But then there were only three seconds left and now the Cuban’s eyes are also riveted to the possibility of revenge in the main city of Uzbekistan.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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