Boxing and its future

At the end of November last year, Umar Kremlev, President of the International Boxing Association (IBA), visited Cuba with the intention of learning about the development of this sport on the island and providing final support so that the women of our country can start boxing in an organized way.

The federation and the former Russian boxer then met with First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party and President of the Republic Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez and recognized the strength of Cuban boxing internationally throughout history.

“You are the future of boxing in Cuba, the land of legendary boxing champions. I see great potential for further development in Cuban boxing. What we have to do is create the right conditions to find these gems and turn them into champions,” he said, referring to our athletes.

A few days later, on December 5, information was published that formalized the start of women’s boxing in the Greater Antilles, and on December 17, the first poster was organized with the participation of members of a still young team, which is being trained in Esfaar Giraldo Córdoba. Cardin.

Although this news was very welcome for everyone and the girls are already gearing up for their first international challenges, there are still tasks that the IBA must complete in order for the sport of pugilism to continue to have a promising future for Cubans and their peers from the rest of the world.

boxing affairs

“The Olympic Committee gave us a number of recommendations that relate to four main points: closing the debt issue, updating the board of directors, improving the management system, and the fourth concerned the arbitration system,” said the Kremlin during a trip to Our Land.

The manager added that he managed to close the debts of the IBA, financially support the federations and confederations of the planet and introduce cash prizes for athletes who participate in official tournaments under the protection of this institution.

In addition, Kremlev made it clear that as a result of the numerous scandals that erupted around the boxing refereeing at the 2012 Olympic Games and Rio de Janeiro 2016 in London, the IBA found itself in a critical situation at an institutional level, close to compromising its presence in Tokyo 2020. and it has not yet been fully resolved.

“For this reason, we started to reform the arbitration system, which at the moment consists in the fact that now, before each tournament, every judge and referee goes through a control process, which still gives us very good results. For example, at the last World Championships held in Belgrade, there were no incidents or complaints about the rules, the same was true for all the events that we developed in 2022,” Kremlev confirmed.

It is difficult to bet on a full restoration of the IBA’s reputation now, although everything seems to be going in an encouraging direction. It depends on whether the sport will continue in summer competitions and that the Cuban harvest, now shared by both sexes, will continue to be key to sustaining the results of the country’s sports movement.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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