Rocky start in Guatemala

This Sunday, the national under-17 football team had a difficult debut in the Concacafe Championship of this category, which takes place in Guatemala, when they lost 4-2 to their counterpart from Jamaica.

The students of Sandro Sevillano were in no hurry to enter the game, which was held at the stadium “Doroteo Guamuch Flores” in the capital of Chapina, and by the 22nd minute they were losing due to a goal scored by Jahmani Bell. In the first half, they didn’t have much time to do, barely adding a couple of offsides and a few rebounds.

Although extra time seemed to get off to a better start for the Greater Antilles troops, the Jamaicans’ second goal, by Oran Watson at 56, began to chill expectations and a third by Ashton Gordon (70). last hit.

There was still time for the boys from the country regge they scored the fourth goal, also thanks to Watson (75), and thus extended the victory.

Despite the difference in the score, Didier Reynoso, the best of the Cubans, signed a double between 78 and 89, which did not help much, but smoothed out the result and allowed our team to leave pleasant emotions on the face that is coming.

In the next match, young Caribbean lions will compete with their peers from Costa Rica. In this second presentation, the boys are forced to “scratch” at least one point in order to keep hope of advancing to the next round.

After the duel with the Central Americans, Guadeloupe will be the third rival in the key and, perhaps, the most accessible. They saw what they saw, the most important aspect that they have to work on is concentration so that they can continue to compete most of the time. If they manage to connect well in the match, then it is time to defend their goal as much as possible and leave the responsibility for the goals that gave them an advantage on the feet of Reynoso and his attacking colleagues.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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