Lysandra, the happiest mistress

February 14th was the only rest date for the final of the Women’s National Chess Championship taking place in Camagüey, where 12 participants took the opportunity to congratulate and wish their partners, friends and loved ones the best on Valentine’s Day. target.

After a day off this Wednesday at the Provincial Academy of José Raúl Capablanca, the sixth round of the competition will take place, at the top of which is the International Master (MI) from Pinar del Rio, Lisandra Ordaz, with four points, the result of three successes. and two draws in front of his compatriot Yerisbel Miranda and Oleiny Linares from Santiago.

Although a few commitments are still missing to complete the fight, finishing atop Ordaz, the first board of the Antilles team at the last World Olympics and number one in the national rankings, would mean taking her second absolute crown as in 2020 she was Holguín’s champion with eight units.

Half a line after Lysandra, a trio appears, consisting of Linares, Ineimig Hernandez from Camaguey and Yoana Gonzalez from Havana. Three points were scored by two players who know what it means to win the scepter of the island, vueltabajera Miranda and current title holder Janiela Forgas from Santiago.

Rounding out the classification are Villa Clara’s Amanda Maria Muñiz and the indomitable Maritza Arribas, both with 2.5 points, Villa Clara’s Roxangel Obregon (1.5) and Patricia Hernandez (1), who has the same savings as Karen Gutiérrez of Havana and Maira Cabrera. from Guantanamo.

According to Osmani Pedraza, chess coach, international referee and statistician, Camagüey has previously organized this tournament three times: in 1977 (victory for Asela de Armas), in 1980 (Vivian Ramon) and in 1998 (Vivian Ramon)..

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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