Povea’s career leap

This Wednesday, Liadagmis Povea made the jump that could be the jump of his career. Take this repetition of words as an analogy: his jump will thankfully improve as the season progresses. But 14.81 meters (m) of the past should become a breakthrough as a turning point, or, what is the same, a stable rise to the world elite.

In the meeting, held in Liuven, France, the Cuban was closer than ever to the “forbidden” 15m barrier, which only the outstanding Yulimar Rojas currently regularly crosses. And this performance brought her, which is logical in the absence of the Venezuelan, the first place in the tournament. In second place was young Leyanci Perez, who also set her best indoor treadmill time of 14.65m.

Now both athletes are the main hope of Cuban athletics, which is going through the most difficult period of the season. If they maintain their current results or are expected to gradually improve them, they will be serious contenders for, for example, the World Cup podium in the category to be held in Budapest, Hungary next August, for which they are both already ready. classified.

The bronze medal of the Hauts-de-France Pas-de-Calais 2023 went to Ukrainian Marina Beh-Romanchuk with a more modest mark of 14.01 m. The Cuban episodes were very good. In fact, Povea’s attempt consisted of four attempts: the first at 14.63m and the second at 14.56m, both decent, until the third, which was the most important of his life. The fourth was a foul and he gave up the last two.

Lejanis is one of the greatest achievements of Cuban athletics. Photo: World of athletics.

Similarly, Lejanis competed in Livin as follows: 14.12/14.39/14.32/X/14.34/14.65. The evolution of a native of Pinar del Río with great physique goes hand in hand with Povea’s athletic maturity, which could serve to form a prestigious tandem in the world. Hopefully, by the end of the season, the conclusions will be satisfactory.

Long jumper Maiquel Massot also entered the Meeting Hauts-de-France Pas-de-Calais this Wednesday, although he again fell short of expectations. The man from Santiago ended the gala with a sequence that did not include a single jump over 8m, the main aspiration, at least at this start of the campaign: 7.74 / 7.69 / 7.75 / 7.55 / 7, 66/7.94.

The metal was on the neck – who else? – Greek Miltiadis Tentoglou with a score of 8.41 m, which is currently the most important result of the season. Hellenic also showed enviable stability, completing four overflights above 8.31m, unmatched by other contenders at the show.

Other news of great interest to fans of the king of sports also appeared at the Livina Rally, as the 3000m world record was set for Ethiopian Lamech Girma, who beat the time set 25 years ago by Kenyans Daniel Komen and Heh. set a new record in 7:23.81 minutes.

Luis Enrique Zayas’ third place in the high jump rally in Banskobystrica Latka was also news for the island’s athletics this week. In the event held in Slovakia, the Cuban scored a 2.25m attempt identical to that of the Mexican Edgar Rivera, for which he had to share this step on the podium. Both failed three times at 2.28m. In said nomination, the prize matched New Zealander Hamish Kerr with a national record of 2.34m.

Zayas maintains his ambition to reach the minimum mark required by World Athletics to guarantee his presence at the World Cup in Budapest, although in any case, if this desire is elusive, he should not have too many problems accessing the rankings, given their active participation. and good results in this closed part of the season.

Due to the paradoxes of life, although he has several podium finishes this year 2023, his best result was in Hustopeč, Czech Republic with a score of 2.27 meters, but he finished in fifth place there.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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