Two world class people from Pinar del Rio

Liadagmis Povea and Leianis Pérez once again formed a winning tandem yesterday during their clash in Madrid, Spain, to confirm the assumptions that make them serious podium candidates in this season’s most important tournaments, especially the World Championships in Athletics. broadcast, which will take place in August in Hungary.

Although the competitions of this stage of the year are held indoors, the women from Pinar del Rio took the highest steps of the podium with relative comfort and instilled panic in the body of their rivals for the specified task, with the exception of, of course, the outstanding Venezuelan. Yulimar Rojas, who seems unattainable with his extraordinary jumps above 15 meters (m).

Returning to the competition at the Gallur Sports Center in the Iberian city, Povea again set a respectable record of 14.65m, enough to push his compatriot Lejanis, who had a jump of 14.50m, into second place. Both also reached a very acceptable consistency for the season we are experiencing and won by a very large margin over bronze medalist Patricia Mamona of Portugal (13.98m).

Povea’s competition resulted in other solvent records such as 14.53m and 14.59m in his first two attempts. It is worth noting that the winning score was achieved in his last box jumping outing. In the case of Lejanis, he also had two jumps close to the best of his series, one at 14.47m and the other at 14.46m. This clearly speaks of stability and physical strength.

A few days ago, both ventured to a sports meeting in Livin, where they left an equally pleasant image, especially Liadagmis Povea, who, with his 14.81, has so far been considered the best this year in this competition of the king of sports.

Thankfully, the double podium for the triple jumpers was not the only positive news of the day for Cuba, as Tokyo 2020 Olympic long jump bronze medalist Maiquel Masso cleared the doubt left by previous presentations this 2023 and he finally topped eight meters, which was enough for him to hang a silver medal also at the rally in Madrid.

The man from Santiago accompanied Miltiadis Tentoglou in classification – who else? — although both set the same record of 8.15 at the end of the race. However, the Greek finished higher as his second best jump was 8.07m and the Cuban’s 7.98m. In any case, for Massot, the silver in Spain is a comeback and a return to the podium, which is very important to restore confidence.

The long jump in Madrid was a real spectacle, not only because of the presence of eminent figures, but also because of the parity in the final table. In fact, Sweden’s Tobias Montler finished behind Masso and Tentoglou with 8.14m, while host Jaime Guerra finished fourth with 8.08m.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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