32 women’s World Cup teams are here

The last tickets for the Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand were handed out this Thursday when Panama beat Paraguay 1-0 to join Haiti and Portugal as one of the winners of the Intercontinental Playoff.

Before beating the South Americans, the Canaleras eliminated Papua and New Guinea in Group C of the playoffs. For Key A, the ticket went to the Portuguese, who beat Cameroon 2-1, a squad that had previously been eliminated by Thailand (2-0).

Meanwhile, in Section B, the Haitians had two games to complete. They first beat Senegal 4-0 and then beat Chile 2-1 in the final. This trio has joined the remaining 30 squads, which are already guaranteed participation in the tournament. The direct distribution of tickets was as follows: two for hostesses, five for Asia, four for Africa and Concacafe, three for South America and 11 for Europe.

Following these recent findings, the scope assignment groups were as follows:

Group A: New Zealand, Norway, Philippines and Switzerland; Group B: Australia, Ireland, Nigeria and Canada; Group C: Spain, Costa Rica, Zambia and Japan; Group D: England, Haiti, Denmark and China; Group E: USA, Vietnam, Netherlands and Portugal; Group F: France, Jamaica, Brazil and Panama; Group G: Sweden, South Africa, Italy and Argentina; Group H: Germany, Morocco, Colombia and South Korea.

The World Championship will begin on July 20 at Eden Park in Auckland. The group stage will end on August 3, and the 1/8 finals will begin two days later. The Round of Eight will begin on August 11, the semi-finals will take place on the 15th and 16th of the same month, and the bronze medal match will take place on the 19th, with the Grand Final taking place at Australia Stadium in Sydney. August 20th.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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