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After a training base in Japan, which included five preparatory games against clubs from the Japanese top league, the Cuban team traveled to Taiwan, home of their 5th-place qualifying group. Baseball classic.

Aside from the end of the match-up program, the big anticipation is when they’re all together as those belonging to the MLB organizations don’t have clearance until early next month.

In Japan, the balance of two wins and three losses is not important. Sometimes, if you win them all, you won’t learn anything, but if you lose them all, you will win. We hope that the notes made by the coaching staff will be plentiful.

Improved discipline and patience at home, established very good contacts, although many of them fell into gloved hands. They faced better serve than in our league, but it was not the best professional track.

Awaiting the inclusion of Lorenzo Quintana, who must wear the kit as a starter, the catcher continues to show one of the weakest sides to defend. There are no good times in this position in Cuban baseball.

In the Caribbean series, base robbers were on the loose with no worries about the trails, and it was the same in these prep games. Runners leave with impunity and, without soiling their suits, still arrive.

On this occasion, Professor José Manuel Cortina warns that masked men are not the only ones responsible. He sticks to his view that it’s easy for pitchers to take their clothes off with a stopwatch these days: pitchers need a lot of time to move and pitch. Those split seconds are a gift for runners.

Each base that the opponents pass without having to connect is a third of the distance traveled to complete the circle and increases their tactical options for building races. Since the formation of the team, this has been a red flag.

Individually, Yoelkis Guibert received the best marks. He went 6-for-18 with quality connections and is a well performing outfielder. Although arrangement Clasico’s first game against the Netherlands seems to be over, the Santiago man has what it takes to take center stage.

Of the expected starters in the best national teams tournament, Roel (21-7) and Erisbel Arrubarrena (10-5) are in good shape; while Dayan Garcia, although he lost in the last match against SoftBank’s Halcones, compiled 15-6 and confirms the opinion of those who bet on him as utility. Luis Vicente Mateo also left positive impressions, and Ariel Martinez’s contacts became stronger.

He bullpen it was recognized as the safest weapon. Raidel Martinez and Lebanon Moinelo gave their opponents a clear signal: try to get to the last third with an advantage, because if not…

Five more preparatory games are scheduled in Taiwan, the last two (March 5 and 6) in full force. There we will be able to more accurately measure the pulse of the team.

#ClassicData: The best home run in these tournaments is Cuban Alfredo Despain (7), who went full circle more than Frederick Zepeda and Venezuelan Miguel Cabrera.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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