Pre-Classic friendly matches: Cuba ended in defeat by Halcones de SoftBank

With a balance of three losses and two wins, the Cuban baseball team ended their friendly games here today against professional Japanese clubs, losing five rounds to two against Halcones SoftBank.

Raul Fornes, First Vice President of the Island’s National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation, threw the first ball in the fifth preparatory game on Japanese soil ahead of the upcoming V World Classic in that discipline.

The attack of both teams amounted to eight indisputable hits on each side, although, unlike the locals, the Antilleans missed the point guard’s opportunities and made two mistakes in defense. Roel Santos (4-2, trio and RBI), Erisbel Arrubarrena (4-2) and Yoelkis Gibert (2-2 with two tickets) stood out in Cuba.

The moment the island’s fans have been waiting for was Mayabeco’s Elián Leyva’s debut as a starter, but Mexican pro pitcher Naranjeros de Hermosillo allowed three unearned runs in the second inning.

Regarding his first international appearance, Leyva stated that he felt comfortable and emphasized that the Japanese are quick to adapt and this is the type of baseball we should get used to, PL and Cubadebate review. The other two Fukuoka franchise results went to Villa Clara’s Javier Mirabal in episode six, while the flawless relays of left-handers Onelka Garcia, Livan Moinelo and Nikel Cruz stood out.

For the Japanese ninth, submarine pitcher Rei Takahashi, the Caribbean lineup hangman, opened for three full innings. The match, held at Ikimenomori Sports Park’s Ivy Stadium, ended with a warm welcome between the two teams, during which the Halcons said goodbye to their league mates Alfredo Despain and Jurisbel Gracial.

Mayabeco starter Elian Leyva. Photo: Cubadebate

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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