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Bayamo, fixed place in the final


The Bayamo team reached the third consecutive final in the Cuban Minor League Championship and is waiting for its opponent to be determined today between Gabana del Este and Matanzas, who shared Saturday’s games with the same score.

After winning the 2020 edition and losing the 2022 final, the under-12s from the capital city of Granma have beaten Camagüey a couple of times, 6–3 and 10–2.

With these results, they have amassed six wins and one loss since direct elimination with the other provincial champions began.

In the west, Gabana del Este came from behind in the opener, settled for six innings of this type of tournament to beat Matanzas 4-3 with a three-round package in the fifth match.

And the next, Yumurino hit back with the same outcome in another exciting clash that ended with a three-point tie in the last inning. A flying ball into midfield with the bases loaded decided a match that forces us to determine who will challenge Bayamo this Sunday at the Juan Ialo field in the Cuban capital.

The Crocodile Chicks confirm they have left Santa Clara, the monarch of 2022, on the road and have unbeatenly dominated their run through the Round of 16 and Quarterfinals.

For their part, the East Havana Sharks have also gone through the previous two semi-finals unbeaten.

In the next weekend playoffs for gold and whoever becomes the champion will take part directly in the Little League World Series in the North American city of Williamsport, Pennsylvania, from August 16 to 27, where 16 teams will meet: eight Americans and the same number of the rest of the world. .

Source: Juventud Rebelde



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