Oleiny Linares retains the crown at home

Although there were four men with a chance of reaching the title in the final of the Men’s National Chess Championship in the last round, the women’s duel was not that close in terms of fighting for the crown, since when the last day came, only two women could claim. to the scepter. They were Oleini Linares Napoles from Santiago and Lisandra Ordaz Valdes from Pinar del Rio, champions of the previous championships.

Ordaz, the winner of the 2020 version, arrived on the farewell date with a half-one advantage over Linares, who was practically forced to win, and at the same time that Lysandra lost, to win the tiara thanks to this combination. . And I tell you that this is how it went this Monday at the Provincial Academy of José Raúl Capablanca in Camagüey, the site of the fair.

Vueltabachera with white pieces could not decipher the game of the always belligerent Yaniela Forgas from Santiago, who started last year, and conceded, which came in handy to Oleini, who defeated Yoana Gonzalez from Havana in pure chess, and thus she uttered aloud the typical exclamations of a monarch.

The new queen ended her journey undefeated after six successes and five truces, allowing her to score 8.5 points and add 55 units to her live Elo coefficient. Such a result was urgently needed by the athlete, who for several years was among the top five in the country and won the national championship in 2010, 2016 and 2019.

Lysandra, who suffered her only setback in the last round, came in second with eight streaks, followed by her compatriot Yerisbel Miranda (7), Forgas (6.5) and indomitable veteran Maritza Arribas (6).

The general classification was completed by Amanda Maria Muñiz and Patricia Hernandez from Villa Clara, both with 5.5 points, Inameg Hernandez from Camagüey and González from the capital (4.5), Roxangel Obregón from Villa Clara (4), Karen Gutiérrez from Havana ( 3.5). and Mayra Cabrera of Guantanamo Bay (2.5).

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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