Three teams are undefeated in Women’s LSB

While the Major League Basketball (LSB) men’s tournament left behind the first three sub-series of its calendar, or equivalently, six opening clashes for each team, the women’s competition of this competition began on Sunday under a new system. consisting of rotating groups that will be located in three windows and several platforms.

In Group A, with a seat in the multi-purpose hall of Alejandro Urguelles, the hosts from Santiago, Pinar del Río, Camagüey and Sancti Spiritus appear, while in Group B the action is played at the small table Giraldo Córdova Cardín de Ciego de. Avila, compete
local, Guantanamo, Capitalinas and Villa Clara.

In the results of Sunday and yesterday, the current Monarchs, Mambisa from Santiago and the Jayabers, were undefeated in two matches, while Vueltabajeras and Camagüey did not win in section A. In the other pool, the only representative with two wins is He from Guantanamo, since the rest of the teams have a balance of 1- 1, except for the Villa Clara team (0-2), according to statistics from Wilber Rodriguez.

On Tuesday the fight for women continues with the following commitments: SSP-SCU, PRI-CMG, CAV-VCL, GTM-CAP.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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