Varader Marathon Brings Good News

The fourth Varadero Marathon will take place on April 2 in the famous resort of Matanzas, and this time there will be several new products in the competition that will make it even more interesting.

First of all, it should be noted that to date, in addition to Cuba, athletes from seven countries have already registered.

According to the publication Striketo an event organized by the Cuban Athletic Federation (FCA), Inder, Cubadeportes SA and the PinedaSport Group, with foreign competitors from the USA, Canada, Spain, Brazil, Colombia, China and Ethiopia. send a couple of athletes.

In addition, the local representation will have a very good record as just over a week into the registration period, more than 400 runners from the island have already registered, 225 of whom have done so in the 10km modality.

In the marathon, he also starts the Olympic modality of 42 km and 195 m, the half marathon (21 km) and the popular race, which includes a 3 km course. Similarly, the program will repeat the Varader Skate Marathon at the same distances, as well as in the 100m sprint.

Jeet also said that in 2023, like last year, the tournament will be classified as a national half marathon championship.

In addition, it has become known through Inder’s official media publications that those who will take part in the so-called 2023 North American, Central American and Caribbean Athletics Association Half Marathon Championships have not yet been included in the list. competitors (Nacac, abbreviation in English).

The organizers said that all the necessary insurance for the reality of the fight are ready. “We have metal arches for gates, fences, chips for time, numbers, shirts and medals,” Fernando Pineda explained to Jit.

Curiously, what stands out in this case is the fact that the medals and trophies that the winners will receive were made from recycled wood. In addition, it was announced that the numbers would only be available the day before the race in Varadero.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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