Yariel and JMC Brand Therapy

If anyone had to sleep like a baby with a new toy after Cuba’s game against Dragones de Wei Chuan, it was the gunsmith, Mr. José Manuel Cortina. Starter Yariel Rodriguez’ performance has a history that confirms the wisdom of JMC.

Pitches close to a hundred mph have dispelled doubts about the Camaguey youngster’s condition, and four innings worked (1H, 6K and 2BB) confirm Cortina’s suggestion that he can integrate the rotation during the Clasico.

Jr He contacted the experienced coach to find out his performance criteria for the boy against the Taiwanese team, and the man told us why he was as happy as a tiger with a new stripe.

He says that on the second day of training in Havana, Yariel came up to him and said: Father, my arm hurts.

– Like this? Cortina asked, and before answering he asked one more question: how many days have you not rocked?

“Wow, quite a lot.”

The “old man” scolded him: “You shouldn’t have thrown so many hard punches yesterday, but don’t worry, you’re going to the Clasico and you’ll be fine.”

He requested several medical tests, confirmed the presence of inflammation in the shoulder and recommended ice at night, lots of ice. “Don’t pick up the ball,” he ordered.

Two days later, they started doing the exercises, a JMC-exclusive-branded therapeutic package that was very effective for other pitchers; a week later I set him to throw balls against the wall on the floor.

“There is still nothing to go to the mound,” he insisted, although some were concerned about the condition of the arm of the San Serapio Gallery.

When 15 days were up, he told him, “Climb into the box and throw 35 ropes.” When he was about 32 years old, he stopped it: “Now that’s enough, in Japan, do the exercises and gradually increase the volume.”

From afar, Cortina knew about the boy’s evolution, but he wanted proof so he could see it with his own eyes, even through a TV screen.

“Yariel is ‘healthy’ and ready to start,” Cortina told me over the phone, his voice as clear as his thoughts.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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