Carlos Marti, the last of Cuba’s golden generation of baseball directors.

My resignation as director is not far off, said Carlos Marti Santos in the playoffs of the Cuban baseball elite league. A year earlier, he had publicly stated that he was considering handing over the command post. Having lived for more than 70 years and lived through all this, the “old man” wants to rest.

Many of us thought he would come to his senses. He was the last active member of a glorious generation of mentors who gave great pedigree, discipline and results to our national pastime, including José Miguel Pineda, Jorge Fuentes, Iginio Velez, Eduardo Martín Saura, Serbio Borges, Abelardo Triana, Frangel Reynaldo, Miguel Borroto, among others.

Only three directors have more than a thousand victories in the championships of Cuba, and he is one of them (1194), along with Fuentes and Pineda.

He remains undefeated in five final series, four in the national series and one more in the first LEBC. In his final year, he busted two myths in Cuban post-season history: first, he flipped the title playoffs as host by winning games six and seven against Matanzas, and then won back a 1-3 loss against Portuarios in a title debate Leagues. Elite.

He has managed 49 National Championships (34 National Series, 12 Qualifiers, 2 Super Leagues and one LEBC). As he himself says: he went through all the eras of Cuban baseball.

Carlos Martí had good teachers and among his legacies is a man of ethics, completely dedicated to his passion, his life. Cuba, like its Granma, will always remember him, and there is no greater tribute than to always speak of him as a role model in the often thankless mission of top baseball teams.

He deserves a well-deserved farewell in the jam-packed Martyrs of Barbados, where he’s made fans so vibrate in recent years. Leonardo Soto, his squire in recent years, makes a bold commitment to continue the successful path blazed by Carlos Martí.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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