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Benigno Daquinta’s stats files allow us to see that in the history of Major League Basketball (LSB) for men, the Sancti Spíritus team has only competed three times so far this year. He made his debut in 2013 and finished eighth and last. He reappeared in the 2019 tournament and improved three places to fifth, and last year he had an incredible climb that took him to the podium of the awards, where his players hung a silver medal.

After finishing in the top four teams of the previous regular season, they beat the Capitalinos in the semi-finals (3-1) and in the title discussion failed to destroy Avilania’s Búfalos, who won in three games to claim their tenth crown. However, the Yaberos, although they did not win the championship, celebrated the achievement of a result before the start of the competition, which eluded most forecasts.

Rafael Michel Diaz, technical director of the group, spoke about the best performance of men’s basketball from Sancti Spiritus. rebellious youth it was a special moment as it was his province’s first medal in a first-class national championship.

With this stash, the Yaberos started this edition of the LSB on February 17th, before the current monarchs of Ciego de Ávila. However, after the first 11 dates, Rafael Michel’s hosts are out of the qualifying zone with a balance of three wins and eight losses. They did not win a single sub-series, they lost two games each to Capitalinos and Villa Clara, and to Avileños, Mayabekenses and Artemiceños, drawing.

One factor that has had a notable impact on this poor start is the absence of Mario Luis Troiano, the team’s top scorer and second in the tournament in 2022 with 502 points (an average of 20 per game), according to the Inder website.

“The absence of the Trojan is felt, this is a fact. But we also went through different problems, including the sick athletes with team responsibilities. The pre-event preparations were not the best, with no intention of justifying it. In the same way, already in the practical part, we took fourth place in terms of points scored, but they played very poorly on defense, and this puts a lot of pressure. If we defend ourselves, as we did last year, our situation will change.

Despite all this, I believe in the guys, I think we can recover before the end of the regular season and reach the playoffs. In the meantime, it’s time to keep working hard and go from game to game. I want to admit that the reinforcements from Camaguey, Yoimar Lopez and Keiler Kala have adapted very well to the dynamics, they are very masterful players, ”said the strategist.

On Tuesday, according to information provided by statistician Wilber Rodriguez, Sancti Spiritus admitted his eighth loss to Santiago de Cuba, by a score of 84-101. The other matches yesterday on the men’s undercard were as follows: CAP 68-66 CAV, MAY 103-72 VCL and ART 85-84 LTU, while on the women’s LSB the results were as follows: CAV 76-74 SSP, CMG 82-56 ON, SKU 72- 58 GTM and DAC 76-41 PRI.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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