An unfortunate incident in the mourning Cuban paratrooper

Last Saturday, March 4, a fatal crash plunged the Cuban family and the Cuban Aviation Club (CAC) into mourning.

A young athlete, a member of this organization, died while skydiving in the city of Varadero de Matanzas. It was the capital of Raidel Cobas Fernandez.

According to the initial press release we received from the Club under the chairmanship of René González Sehwerert, “after a normal start and opening, while approaching the landing area, the athlete crashed into a vehicle that was driving on the road, already dying in the hospital” — specified in the information.

From the CAC we are told that Cobas Fernandez was an outstanding Cuban aerialist with many years of practice and a love for the activity that made him stand out. “His sudden loss was a severe blow to members of the Cuban Air Club,” the club said in a statement.

“The CAC is currently reviewing the relevant data and evidence that is being collected to determine the causes of the accident. The results of the work of this investigation team will be made public as soon as their work is completed.

The members and leadership of the CAC supported Raidel’s relatives in these difficult circumstances.

“To them our sympathy and deepest feelings of condolences,” reads a note signed by González Sehwerert, president of the union.

Raidel Cobas Fernandez was 33 years old when he died and worked as an air traffic controller at the Havana Control Center.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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