The Netherlands beat Cuba for the fourth time in a row in the world classic (+ Photos and Video)

Cuba debuted with a loss in the fifth World Baseball Classic despite a more than matched serve-defense combination, but the offense was limited to three hits and the Netherlands went on to win 4-2.

The so-called Black Beast of the islanders, who is orange in a fair fight, resolved situations better in attack, primarily due to opportunity and even luck, as they built a career with low-quality connections, but well-placed.

Armando Johnson’s teenagers took advantage in the second stint when Yadil Mujica, started by an injured Andy Ibanez, landed a brace that ran into Yoelkis Gibert on base on a walk.

Both players combined to score the second and final round against the Cubans in the seventh inning. Then Guibert, set up by captain Alfredo Despain, who also felt uncomfortable before the start of the match, fired from the tube, and Mujica shot him through the box.

The Netherlands settled for a draw in the third section against Yariel Rodriguez (4.0 INN, 1CL, 3H, 6K and 1BB), whose opening was Cuba’s best on opening day with a fast ball that held over 94 mph.

Yariel Rodriguez had a quality start, although he didn’t make it to the fifth inning because only 65 innings were allowed at that stage. Photo by Yuki Oboshi

And in the sixth, Onelkis Garcia, whose score was changed, passed Didi Gregorius and took a shot from Jonathan Shoop. In this situation, the Guantanamo southpaw was replaced by Carlos Juan Viera, who scored three goals, but Josh Palacios and Chadwick Tromp tied RBI shots to the middle to determine the first game score of baseball’s most important tag team tournament.

The bad omen began in the first inning when Europeans starter de Block (3.0 INN, 1CL, 1H, 2K and 4BB) handed out three walks, and with lanes congested and only one out, Lorenzo Quintana hit the ball. , for a shortstop that served as a double game.

After the first third of the game, the Netherlands were forced to appeal to the bullpen because their starter used up 58 innings very quickly, and the maximum allowed in the first round was 65. Six pitchers controlled the Cuban offense, which scored four, three of them against the third tree, Louis Robert Moiran ( 4-1).

Yariel and four pitchers who also worked added 13 strikeouts, more than half of 24 strikeouts taken, but the offense failed to read a pitch that stands out not for its tools but for its ability to handle stressful situations.

This result forces the Cubans to win the remaining three games to secure a place in the quarter-finals.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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