Team taekwondo will revive multi-sport events

The sensational Taekwondo Panam Series tournament, which recently took place in Heredia, Costa Rica, was a success for both Cuba and the discipline as a whole.

In addition to medals, Central American classifications and ranking points contested in combat, the competition has also helped break the ice for the new form of the sport that Taekwondo’s top leadership at the regional level intends. for activation during the Central American and Caribbean Games in San Salvador and the upcoming Pan American Games in Santiago de Chile.

This is Team Kyorugui, a team fight offering that will be included in this type of multi-sport event for the first time. This is a very personal project of the Pan American Union (PATU), which seeks to enable countries that do not have the opportunity to develop in other modalities to do so in this format, as explained by Juan Manuel López. Delgado, President of PATU and Vice President of the World Taekwondo Federation.

On February 22 this year, the Kyorugui team tournament was held, which was part of the competitive program of the San Salvador 2023 Central American and Caribbean Games qualification tournament, held at the Palau des Sports de Costa Rica. Eight teams participated in this in the men’s branch and the same number in the women’s branch.

The round robin system in use has provided several delegations with a quota guaranteeing the presence of their respective countries in the contest for medals of this attractive form in the Central Caribbean side.

Teams from Honduras, Costa Rica, Mexico and Cuba were classified in the women’s tournaments; and Mexico, Cuba, Colombia and Puerto Rico will do it for the gentlemen.

The Team Kyorugui test should not be considered new, considering that several countries in America have medals in the world championships in this discipline; However, it wasn’t until the Tokyo 2020 Olympics that this format was shown to the world in multi-sport events, even though it wasn’t a competition at the time, but a demonstration.

Hence the importance of the fact that the doors of our continental competitions were open to modality.

According to the official website of the Pan American Taekwondo Union, before the fairs in the area, there will be a strategic stop in the Dominican Republic, the country designated as the host of the 1st. Team Kyorugui Pan American Championship, the fight is scheduled for the upcoming April 29th.

However, it was also announced that after the Santiago 2023 Taekwondo Qualifier scheduled from March 22 to 23 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the Pan-Am Series II scheduled for March 24 will host the Kyorugui team event as part of Pan-Am Series II. until the 27th of this month and in the same Brazilian city.

Santiago 2023 will mark the tenth date that taekwondo has been present at the Pan American Games since its debut in Indianapolis in 1987.

This discipline has been part of the Centro Caribe Sports program since the competition was held in Mexico in 1990.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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